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13 Jun
List of user stories considered by the original AS2/SocialWG team (c. 2015).
2 May
"Mastodon link previews can lead to excessive requests at the same time, which is not Mastodon’s fault."
2 May
Compaints about Mastodon's (and the AP microblogging fediverse) link preview behavior and the performance problems it causes.
29 Mar
Uses Prometheus and Grafana. For non-container deployment.
15 Mar
"The short version of this is that I believe that Mastodon — more specifically federation and decentralization won't work out."
14 Mar
“SFO Museum has joined the “Fediverse”. We have begun to operate a series of automated “bot” accounts that are published (broadcast) using the ActivityPub protocols and can be subscribed to from any client that supports those standards”
28 Jan
Original Activity Streams (and related) submission by to the W3C SocialWG. This is interesting from an historical perspective.
28 Jan
"I used to like the original FourSquare. The "mayor" stuff was a bit silly, and my friends never left that many reviews, but I loved being able to signal to my friends "I am at this cool museum" or "We're at this pub if you want to meet" or "Spending the day at the park". [...]"
27 Jan
Provide definitions of "Fediverse" and "Instance".
24 Jan
" has joined the Fediverse, and it is already blocking some servers. It uses a feature called Authorized fetch to ensure those servers cannot even fetch content from Threads. If your server is blocked, you can work around it by configuring a separate domain on your Rebased install to use only for fetching data."