Bookmarks tagged python

31 Dec 2023
OIDC tutorial using Python and KeyCloak.
17 Dec 2023
"IMAP Server giving access to ActivityPub through Vocata"
27 Nov 2023
"An implementation of the IETF HTTP Message Signatures draft standard"
13 Nov 2023
Command-line ActivityPub API client (C2S?)
25 Oct 2023
"A set of utilities to help bring content and users from legacy social media networks into the fediverse"
17 Oct 2023
Federated decentral classified ad software using ActivityPub.
15 Oct 2023
Personal webpage with social networking functionality
15 Oct 2023
Automatically fetch missing replies and posts from other fediverse instances.
15 Oct 2023
Parses RSS feeds, identifies new posts and posts them on the Mastodon social network
15 Oct 2023
A web application that uses the RSS/Atom feed of your website to expose it on the Fediverse through ActivityPub.