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28 Jan
Original Activity Streams (and related) submission by to the W3C SocialWG. This is interesting from an historical perspective.
28 Dec 2023
Links to historical versions of the AS2 JSON-LD context document.
4 Nov 2023
Debate about AP shared inbox and how it should be defined and implemented.
4 Nov 2023
Discussion about shared inbox, replies, json-ld, etc.
21 Oct 2023
[Video] "Four years later, while the fediverse plays host to a thriving community and unique culture, it remains a nonentity by the standards of social media giants. Why is this? How has ActivityPub created a constructive and enjoyable social media experience while also failing to bring that experience to a large audience? And what can this tell us about the possibilities and limitations of anarchistic spaces as a whole?"
16 Oct 2023
Snell's comment that the OWL Ontology was intentionally non-normative to allow changes without an official W3C working group. I haven't found discussions in the SocialWG minutes related to this discussion.
2 Oct 2023
Discussion about the rationale for why Mastodon doesn't support C2S. (My opinion: the arguments are weak and confuse the concept of a general client *API* with a client user interface implementation.)
2 Oct 2023
GitHub issue discussing how Webfinger and its relationship to ActivityPub.
25 Sep 2023
(Dec 2008) Discussion of Activity Streams directions.
25 Sep 2023
Distributed social web project from 2007-2010 timeframe (focused on WordPress).
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