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12 Jan
"Voyager — a mobile-first Lemmy client. Contribute to aeharding/voyager development by creating an account on GitHub."
15 Nov 2023
🧱 Building Blocks for Fediverse. HTTP Signature, NodeInfo, WebFinger, HostMeta
21 Oct 2023
If you want to analyze Mastodon posts, getting them into Apache Kafka® is a sensible first step. Read on to find out how to do this with Typescript and NodeJS.
17 Oct 2023
Fedipage is a Hugo based static page generator and blog with ActivityPub support. Source code is available.
15 Oct 2023
This is a browser extension that implements the WebAP API (still an idea), exposing it to web applications.
15 Oct 2023
15 Oct 2023
A search engine of PeerTube videos and channels Developed by Framasoft
15 Oct 2023
Post bin.
15 Oct 2023
Group actors as bot/relay.
15 Oct 2023
A federated social media platform implementing the ActivityPub specification for client/server and server/server communications.