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20 Jan
"Specification documents and API documentation for the polyproto federated messaging protocol - GitHub - polyphony-chat/docs: Specification documents and API documentation for the polyproto federate..."
#fediverse + #source-code
17 Jan
"A blazingly fast drop-in replacement for the Mastodon streaming API server "
#mastodon + #source-code
12 Jan
"Voyager — a mobile-first Lemmy client. Contribute to aeharding/voyager development by creating an account on GitHub."
3 Jan
"This is the source repository for the DiveDB site." ActivityPub support is planned.
17 Dec 2023
"IMAP Server giving access to ActivityPub through Vocata"
17 Dec 2023
"An ActivityPub server with an NNTP interface."
27 Nov 2023
"An implementation of the IETF HTTP Message Signatures draft standard"
15 Nov 2023
🧱 Building Blocks for Fediverse. HTTP Signature, NodeInfo, WebFinger, HostMeta
13 Nov 2023
Command-line ActivityPub API client (C2S?)
8 Nov 2023
LittleActivityPub is a minimal and incomplete implementation of an ActivityPub server, for instructive purposes.