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2 May
"Mastodon link previews can lead to excessive requests at the same time, which is not Mastodon’s fault."
15 Mar
"The short version of this is that I believe that Mastodon — more specifically federation and decentralization won't work out."
13 Jan
Critical view of some of the moderation-related activities in the Fediverse.
22 Dec 2023
Discussion of issues with AP-AT bridges.
17 Dec 2023
Experience report of attempting to write an ActivityPub server in OCaml.
17 Dec 2023
Note for implementing ActivityPub federation.
19 Nov 2023
There are four ways in which ActivityPub is a non-standard standard. This work is informed by reading the Social Web Working Group (SocialWG) meeting minutes, interviews with SocialWG members, and a study of historical documents.
8 Nov 2023
"Unwanted messages are a challenge for all public communication systems. On a federated network without a central form of control, the challenge is extended to allowing for free communication between parties without a central means of control while at the same time preventing undesired or harmful messages." RWOT9 in Prague, The Czech Republic (September 2019)
#activitypub + #criticism
21 Oct 2023
[Video] "Four years later, while the fediverse plays host to a thriving community and unique culture, it remains a nonentity by the standards of social media giants. Why is this? How has ActivityPub created a constructive and enjoyable social media experience while also failing to bring that experience to a large audience? And what can this tell us about the possibilities and limitations of anarchistic spaces as a whole?"
21 Oct 2023
Discusses ActivityPub, W3C, Linked Data and some of the related issues.
#activitypub + #criticism