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28 Dec 2023
Links to historical versions of the AS2 JSON-LD context document.
5 Dec 2023
If we consider using JSON Schema for validating JSON-LD (RDF), maybe representing the schema themselves should represented as RDF?
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22 Nov 2023
Describes 5 potential attacks related to context retrieval.
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5 Nov 2023
Like JSON-LD Playground, but on the command line.
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20 Oct 2023
Source code (unmaintained) for a tool to generate Go code from an ActivityPub OWL Ontology (in jsonld).
16 Oct 2023
"tl;dr: please don’t specify them." Discussion of specifications, like ActivityPub and Activity Streams that attempt to combine JSON and JSON-LD.
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25 Sep 2023
A very interesting meeting on Activity Streams 2.0 topics. Discussed JSON-LD versus JSON, JSON Schema, AS2 context versioning, AS2 extension registries, AS2 test suite, Linked Data Paging versus AS2 collection paging, and other topics.
16 Sep 2023
(2018) Criticism of JSON-LD in a Pleroma ActivityPub context.
9 Sep 2023
This document describes the process and criteria for approving extensions for inclusion in the main Activity Streams 2.0 context document.