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2 May
"Mastodon link previews can lead to excessive requests at the same time, which is not Mastodon’s fault."
2 May
Compaints about Mastodon's (and the AP microblogging fediverse) link preview behavior and the performance problems it causes.
15 Mar
"The short version of this is that I believe that Mastodon — more specifically federation and decentralization won't work out."
14 Mar
“SFO Museum has joined the “Fediverse”. We have begun to operate a series of automated “bot” accounts that are published (broadcast) using the ActivityPub protocols and can be subscribed to from any client that supports those standards”
#activitypub + #fediverse
27 Jan
Provide definitions of "Fediverse" and "Instance".
24 Jan
" has joined the Fediverse, and it is already blocking some servers. It uses a feature called Authorized fetch to ensure those servers cannot even fetch content from Threads. If your server is blocked, you can work around it by configuring a separate domain on your Rebased install to use only for fetching data."
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20 Jan
"Specification documents and API documentation for the polyproto federated messaging protocol - GitHub - polyphony-chat/docs: Specification documents and API documentation for the polyproto federate..."
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16 Jan
Data science study of Fediverse decentralization.
#datasets + #fediverse
13 Jan
Critical view of some of the moderation-related activities in the Fediverse.
27 Nov 2023
"Protecting user privacy is a vital priority for the Fediverse. Many fediverse instances, such as Kolektiva, are focused on serving marginalized communities who are disproportionately targeted by law enforcement. Many were built to serve as a safe haven for those who too often find themselves tracked and watched by the police. Yet this raid put the thousands of users this instance served into a terrible situation."
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