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24 Nov 2023
Development plans for ActivityPods, a Solid / AP integration. The article also describes Mastopods which will be a Mastodon-compatible version of this code.
15 Nov 2023
A new solution space for apps emerges if we adopt a different model for thinking about Solid. This article discusses a hybrid document/graph model.
#rdf + #solid
5 Nov 2023
Draft specification of minimalist Solid-like behaviors.
30 Oct 2023
[GERMAN] "We want to send a message from our Solid Pod to a Mastodon user."
#mastodon + #solid
15 Oct 2023
An application built for a diploma thesis to showcase work with Linked Data Notifications, Activity Streams and ActivityPub, using Solid pod as data provider.
15 Oct 2023
POC to use ActivityPub on top of the Solid Platform.
15 Oct 2023
A decentralized personal data framework inspired by MIT's Solid Project. ActivityPub support is listed as a Phase II roadmap objective, but it doesn't appear to be implemented yet.
14 Sep 2023
Brings together two game-changing technologies, ActivityPub and Solid Pods, and empowers developers to create truly decentralized applications.