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2 May
"Mastodon link previews can lead to excessive requests at the same time, which is not Mastodon’s fault."
2 May
Compaints about Mastodon's (and the AP microblogging fediverse) link preview behavior and the performance problems it causes.
29 Mar
Uses Prometheus and Grafana. For non-container deployment.
24 Jan
"I’m going to cover a lot of ground in this post, so here’s the TLDR: We built a Twitter-scale Mastodon instance from scratch in only 10k lines of code. This is 100x less code than the ~1M lines Twi…"
17 Jan
"A blazingly fast drop-in replacement for the Mastodon streaming API server "
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24 Nov 2023
Development plans for ActivityPods, a Solid / AP integration. The article also describes Mastopods which will be a Mastodon-compatible version of this code.
30 Oct 2023
[GERMAN] "We want to send a message from our Solid Pod to a Mastodon user."
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21 Oct 2023
[Video] Mastodon is a "federated" social network that works like Twitter. It puts the control of data into the user's hands, not in a single corporation.
21 Oct 2023
If you want to analyze Mastodon posts, getting them into Apache Kafka® is a sensible first step. Read on to find out how to do this with Typescript and NodeJS.
21 Oct 2023
Learn how to get access to the Mastodon API and use it with CircuitPython! This guide covers what's necessary in Mastodon to get your API access token. Then, there are two examples, the first to post a toot, and the second to retrieve all posts under a specific hashtag. Toots away! (Uses Raspberry Pi Pico W)
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