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13 Jan
"LinkML Schema representation of ActivityPub. Contribute to p2p-ld/linkml-activitypub development by creating an account on GitHub." At the time the bookmark was created, this was actually an AS2-only schema, not ActivityPub.
22 Nov 2023
"We observed that most paginations are just linked or double linked lists, with sometimes a way to indicate the ordering, and/or even IRI templates with search forms or controls to change the ordering. This is not the most efficient data structure to retrieve information..."
#activitypub + #linked-data
28 Oct 2023
Original Linked Data note from Tim Berners-Lee (2006)
20 Oct 2023
rdf-pub is an activity-pub server implementation, that is not limited to the activity-stream vocabulary, but supports RDF in general.
15 Oct 2023
A collaborative, generic knowledge management system. Aims to ease data storage and filtering.
#javascript + #linked-data
15 Oct 2023
a semantic web server, implements a Linked Data Platform (LDP), uses RDF Turtle as serialization format, part of the
14 Sep 2023
Brings together two game-changing technologies, ActivityPub and Solid Pods, and empowers developers to create truly decentralized applications.
10 Sep 2023
In this guide you will setup a SemApps-powered ActivityPub server, create an actor, make this actor communicate with another Mastodon actor.
8 Sep 2023
This specification details a profile for using Linked Data Notifications [LDN] with ActivityStreams2 [AS2] payloads in value-adding networks. A value-added network, as considered by this specification, is a network in which Web resources, for the purpose of this specification named Artifacts, are made available by nodes in the network, value is added to these Artifacts by other nodes in the network, and LDN+AS2 notifications with that regard are exchanged among network nodes.
8 Sep 2023
Linked Data Notifications is a protocol that describes how servers (receivers) can have messages pushed to them by applications (senders), as well as how other applications (consumers) may retrieve those messages. Any resource can advertise a receiving endpoint (Inbox) for the messages. Messages are expressed in RDF, and can contain any data.
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